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Add a touch of magic to your little one's bedroom with a unicorn bed set. Bedding & Beyond offers a complete range of unicorn bedding and accessories, including unicorn-themed wallpaper, lamps and curtains. From elegant designs to playful characters, our unicorn bedding completes the look of your kid’s fairy-tale bedroom. 

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  1. Divine Unicorns Single Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set
  2. Space Unicorn Glow in the Dark 100% Cotton Single Duvet Cover - European Size
    Regular Price £22.99 Special Price £14.99
  3. Unicorn Flowers 100% Cotton Single Duvet Cover Set - European Size
  4. I Believe In Unicorns 4 in 1 Junior Bedding Bundle Set (Duvet, Pillow and Covers)
    Regular Price £21.49 Special Price £19.99
  5. My Little Unicorn 4 in 1 Junior Bedding Bundle (Duvet, Pillow and Covers)
  6. I Believe In Unicorns Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set
    From £8.99
  7. My Little Unicorn Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set
    From £11.99
  8. Sparkle Unicorn Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set
    From £14.99
  9. I Believe In Unicorns Lined Curtains
    From £24.99
  10. Bedding & Beyond Unicorn Toddler Bed - Mattress Options Available
  11. Bedding & Beyond Unicorn Toddler Bed with Underbed Storage - Mattress Options Available
  12. Sweet Dreams Unicorn Table Lamp
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Unicorn bedding

Does your child’s imagination run wild with stories of magical kingdoms and creatures? 

Unicorn bedding is a great way to bring their dreams to life. Each unicorn duvet cover features these majestic horned horses, noted for their gentleness and grace. Some of our unicorn duvet covers have detailed illustrations of the legendary beasts, while others show them flying past castles, clouds and rainbows. Each unicorn bed set combines the dreamiest mix of colours to complement any little dreamer’s bedroom. 

Reversible unicorn bedding 

Our range of unicorn bedding is suitable for a variety of ages, spanning toddler beds to double-sized duvets for older kids. Many of our designs are reversible, such as the pretty patchwork-style Divine Unicorns Single Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set and the fun glow-in-the-dark Space Unicorn Duvet Cover. If they want their rooms to look pretty in pink, they might prefer the Star Unicorn bed set, which features unicorns in tones of pink and blue against a backdrop of stars, hearts and spots. The reverse has a coordinating geometric cubes design in a soft lilac shade. 

Unicorn bedding bundles and toddler beds

If you want more magic for your money, a 4-in-1 unicorn bed set is ideal. These junior-size unicorn bed sets comprise a 120cm x 150cm (47in x 59in) reversible unicorn duvet cover, quilt, pillow and pillowcase. They fit cots and junior-size beds, and you can pair them with one of our toddler beds for a ready-made bedtime solution. Even our toddler beds are illustrated with rainbows, hearts and – yes, you’ve guessed it – unicorns! It’s a full-on fairy tale extravaganza destined to cheer up any room. 

Unicorn bedroom accessories

Our unicorn bedding is sure to keep children cosy all night as they dream of faraway lands and mythical creatures. Why not spark their imaginations further with some matching accessories? We have unicorn lamps to help them read their favourite fairy tales at night. We also have unicorn wallpaper, curtains, stereo headphones and a bookshelf to bring the magical theme together. Each unicorn design comes in bright colours or pretty pastel shades. 

Find the best unicorn bed sets at Bedding & Beyond

Who doesn’t love magical ponies? Especially when their comforting presence helps your little ones to sleep. Bedding & Beyond’s high-quality unicorn duvet covers are budget friendly and easy to maintain. Our large range of unicorn bed sets is complemented by a selection of unicorn-themed accessories for completely magical decor. Orders over £20 are delivered for FREE within the UK and come with a 365-day returns policy.