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Our mermaid bedding makes quite a splash in children’s bedrooms! We have an amazing selection of mermaid single duvet covers and bedding for fans of aquatic fairy tales. We also stock beautifully creative mermaid wallpaper and toddler beds for your youngest dreamers.

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  1. Ariel Friends Single Fitted Sheet
  2. Narwhal Shaped Single Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set
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  3. Iridescent Texture Wallpaper Multi Holden 12795
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Mermaid single bedding sets

Every ocean-themed bedroom deserves mermaid duvet covers and sheets to complete its overall decor. The Wave Single Fitted Sheet and Pillowcase Set is a vibrant fuchsia pink with a geometric-style wave pattern of overlapping curved lines. It matches the Mermaid Single Duvet Cover but will complement any ocean-themed duvet cover. The Mermaid World Single Fitted Sheet features a beautiful geometric scale effect on a pale pink background. It comes with a cheeky statement-making “Be a mermaid and make waves” message on the pillowcase. 

Mermaid single duvet cover

Any budding young mermaids will love the Mermaid Single Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set that lets your own little mermaid have her very own mermaid tail. All she needs to do is lay in bed with her head beneath the shell crown on the pillowcase – the full-size mermaid torso and tail will make her look like a mermaid. Set against a blue, effervescent backdrop, it's sure to provide comfort and peaceful sleep. 

Mermaid toddler beds

Mermaid-themed toddler beds are a safe introduction to big beds for toddlers who have outgrown their cots. Our mermaid beds for toddlers are the ideal height for little legs to hop on and they feature shallow barriers for safety. The headboards are decorated with an underwater illustration of a mermaid and a variety of cute sea creatures. The design comes with mattress and underbed storage options.

Mermaid wallpaper

Make mermaid bedding even more magical with complementary wallpaper. From iridescent texture wallpaper that explodes into pastel colours to lovely narwhal and mermaid illustrations, our wallpapers make great feature walls. Each mermaid-themed wallpaper is easy to apply and clean. The Mermazing Mermaid Scales Glitter Wallpaper offers the wow factor with mermaid scales in pastel shades of blue, green and lilac, accented by sparkling silver glitter. Mermaid bedding doubles up as the perfect decor to match your underwater-themed wallpaper.

Mermaids bedding symbolism 

With the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish, mermaids are a fairy tale favourite for many children. They are strongly represented in popular culture including the Hans Christian Andersen story The Little Mermaid, which was made into a Disney film, as well as Splash, and more recently, the DC movie Aquaman. Mermaids are known for enchanting seafarers with the melodic sound of their voices singing from the depths of the ocean. Sailors might view them as foreboding and an omen for storms, but children’s stories usually associate them with innocence, luck and a happy fortune. This means mermaid bedding is a great choice for little dreamers. 

Dive into the best mermaid bedding at Bedding & Beyond

Have a browse through our mermaid bedding collection to find a mesmerising design. Our mermaid single bed covers and sheets are machine washable and blissfully comfortable.  Once you’ve found a mermaid duvet cover, sheet set or wallpaper you’d like, we'll deliver it for free (for orders over £20) within the UK.